Medical treatments in India

  • Total Fitness is a health assistance organization assisting patients and their families in providing access to quality medical treatments, affordable, and safe in India. Total Fitness, the preferred institution providing medical tourism in India deliver customized services to all our clients. We promote total health and support our clients in their journey to excellent health.
  • We understand the difficulties patients and families go through while trying to identify the best place to receive care cost effectively. We, at Total Fitness have taken the responsibility to identify the best in class and cost effective hospital for your care. We will accompany you throughout the process, starting by getting a medical tourism letter of invitation from a specialized medical institution in India. The letter will allow you to obtain a medical tourism visas at the Indian embassy in your country. Also, we will work with the specialized medical professional to plan your care, and provide support to all your need while in India.
  • Total Fitness has partnered with hospitals and ambulatory care centers across all major cities in India. You will never be alone, our dedicated professional concierge staff will be at your service for all your need, and will ensure your safe return to your home country hassle-free. At Total Fitness, you are our priority number one; we are committed to our clients and their families satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Total Fitness

  • Professional medical opinion from best hospitals in India.
  • Comprehensive health assistance for our domestic and international patients.
  • 15+ years exposure in the field of handling patients related to medical tourism.
  • 24/7 service and assistance to the patients and their families. We provide access to high quality care at an affordable cost.

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Dr. Schola visit to SIMS Hospital, Chennai, India.